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Manovikas eGyanshala for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

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One’s awareness of the present moment while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations—used as a therapeutic technique.

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International Workshop on Equal Opportunity Policy (EOP) for the Persons with Disabilities (PwDC) | Approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, MSJE, Govt. of India.

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Your donation to Manovikas Charitable Society will help support thousands of persons with disabilities for education and care to develop skills and gain the confidence to live a fulfilling and active life.

Offers Inclusive Education!

Manovikas eGyanshala is designed with Universal Design of Learning (UDL) modules that are accessible for all students from the school to college level. Manovikas eGyanshala offers you joyful eLearning! as per National Education Policy (NEP), 2020 based on 5+3+3+4 schooling structure.

Working in Challenging Time

Mashavara is live consultation for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), their families, caregivers and professionals during the Coronavirus outbreak.
Manas Bharti is the Podcast media by Manovikas Family
Manbhavan virtual programme to engage and connect with our students and one another for joyful learning and performance during this isolation time.
MANOVIKAS eGYANSHALA is a Universally Designed eLearning platform to provide education, therapy and counselling support with appropriate safeguards, to work online with family and individuals.
We are frequently reaching more than 300 students with disabilities and 1015 learners of IGNOU through Higher Education programmes. Due to COVID-19, presently Manovikas Charitable Society will be a virtual till further Govt. Notification. The online program is consist of a series of life:
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Please donate to Manovikas Family do something memorable!

If you would like to, you please make a donation to Manovikas Charitable Society in memory of a loved one or give funding support to your fascinated project. Your donation will mean your loved one’s memory will live on in helping to change the life of someone with an intellectual and developmental disability.
We offer personalised online page that allows you to share your concern, memories and your self-satisfaction with family and friends. Your family and friends can choose to leave a message, appreciate on your donation and support for Manovikas Family.
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Target Group

Manovikas Family strongly believes and works for Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) who need to be treated equally irrespective of their status, gender, religion etc.


We are frequently reaching more 300 students with disabilities and 1015 learners of IGNOU through Higher Education programmes.


we are paying rent of Rs.36 lakhs i.e. about USD$47K per year. We have really a crisis of our own space and minimum Rs.20Cr/USD$25M is required to run all the project comfortably.


There are loads of ways to get involved, from membership, volunteering, CSR support, Project-based findings to organising a fundraising event for Manovikas Family.

Improving the Quality of life, Independence and Inclusion

The overall objective of the Manovikas Charitable Society is, to help create a bright future for those with an intellectual and developmental disability and who have very limited resources to help them achieve the quality of life independence and inclusion. The three main areas that the organisation focuses on are Care, Education and Advocacy.

Care Service

Focuses around caring and supporting and encouraging towards independent living.

Educational services

Allows them to learn and work towards being more independent and seek employment.

Promoting Rights

Encourage the Government to promote rights and encouraging public understanding.

Your funds are making a real difference

We appreciate all the money you raise for Manovikas Charitable Society is helping persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities for their CARE, EDUCATION and ADVOCACY (Promoting Rights). We’ve got lots of ideas for how you can raise funds from your own home to support Manovikas. Please call us on 9911107772 or write to us on donate@manovikas.family.
35% money goes for Quality of Life and Residential support for Care
55% money goes for Primary to Higher and Skill Education
10% money goes for Promoting Right through Advocacy

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Latest Events

Coronavirus Outbreak: various virtual events by Manovikas are conducted. We are virtually open with Manovikas eGyanshala, Mashavara, Manbhavan, SMILE and other tel counselling services

Partners are the backbone of Manovikas Family

Know more about our Project Partners, Affiliations with different Government Bodies, Registration and Certifications, the Event Partners helped us so far, the Corporate Partners helping presently to Manovikas, our strong network and Partnership with Families and communities helps us for implementation of all project and activities. We have a partnership opportunity for you.



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